Why I am Here

My opinions are, well, simply better. They are informed, enlightening, and correct; if they weren't, they would not be my opinions. It would not be right to keep all this wonderful truth to myself, so I decided that it would be best to share my views with the world. And as Joker said in The Dark Knight a wise man once told me, "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

Nurse Joker
The face of wisdom

In order to satisfy both my moral obligation to improve the world by telling everybody what I think and my ethical obligation to not get what I want by stealing, I have decided to market my skills. On the left, you will see how to get around the website to the different categories where I offer my opinions. Use them to see which category you wish to obtain the correct opinion in, and consult the table below to get my costs. I accept payment in cash, check, money order, and PayPal. Please note: payment must be in U.S. dollars and is required BEFORE services are rendered.

Costs for Richard's Opinions
Category Cost per min. Notes about the category
Politics $2.50 Controversial opinions double
Philosophy $3.50 Secular philosophy $5 surcharge
Everyday Life $1.75 Cannot be politics or philosophy

How to Benefit the Most

This website has just a sample of my opinions; it is not an exhaustive list. The intent is to do what all samples are intended to do - give you just enough of the product to make you want more. That is why I have graciously provided a sample of my opinions, in 3 easy-to-use categories. The samples are not even fully fleshed out opinions; they are just a taste of what I have to offer. To get the full value, a purchase will need to be made.

In order to truly benefit the most, you should try to choose subjects that are specific to the topic that you wish to have the correct opinion about. While I am willing to give you those opinions on general topics, it has been my unfortunate experience that people have a specific sub-topic in mind. In order to avoid any issues regarding being unsatisfied, please explainwhich views you want and if there is anything specific you have in mind.